We help our customers to avoid costly mistakes.
“I buy from Pine Press Printing because you always watch my back,” a customer once told me. No one wants to make mistakes or look stupid. Making big expensive mistakes can get a print buyer fired, so it’s our job to help prevent customers from making them. We like to ask more questions. Insure our customers fully understand processes and delivery schedules. Point out potential problems and then discussing them. If we catch an error late in the game, we always speak up. Letting the customer verify it is actually a mistake and then fixing it. If we are asked to produce a job in a unnecessarily costly or inefficient way, we will discuss with you alternative options. Stopping customers from screwing up is a big value-add, we include it with every order.

It all goes back to the “Golden Rule”.  One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.

Pine Press Printing & Mailing delivers. Guaranteed!


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