When it comes to small business, the fourth quarter of the year is typically the most profitable. 

17 Holiday Marketing Ideas for 2017

Knowing that it is also the time of the year you can step up your marketing to attract those end of the year sales. 

Here at Pine Press Printing, we are all about helping you find creative ways to market your business.  We’ve come up seventeen unique ways you can take your holiday marketing to the next level.

  1. Buddy Up With Another Business – Create a group of small business in your area and create an extraordinary holiday coupon book or go in together on a special
  2. Support Your Favorite Charity – The best promotion you can do is advertise a part of a day or months sales go to a local charity.
  3. Set up a Gift Wrapping Station – You don’t need to sell actual products to offer gift wrapping services. Some people …especially men hate to wrap.  Hire a high school student to man the gift wrapping station on busy shopping days.  This is a great way to bring awareness to your business.
  4. Advertise Your Returns Policy – When people purchase gifts, they want to know that they can be returned if by chance it doesn’t work out. Create a flyer for your store or display your policy prominently on your website, so customers know what to expect.
  5. Be the First – If you plan on sending out holiday cards to customers or clients, you can also make those stand out by sending them out early.
  6. Give Away Samples – Offer free samples of your most purchased items. Customers will more likely buy a product they have been able to sample first.
  7. 12 Days of Christmas Sale – To keep people shopping throughout the holiday season, you can host a special sale where people can get specific products or deals for twelve days leading up to Christmas.
  8. Offer Stocking Stuffers to Customers – For those businesses that don’t sell products, encourage your clients to stop in during the month of December to pick up their own Christmas stocking. From phone cleaners to lip balm these little promotional products make perfect stocking stuffers your clients can use all year long.
  9. Holiday Gift Cards – Many shoppers become frustrated at the whole gift-giving process and would rather give gift cards to those special people on their list. Make it simple for them and advertise gift cards as a gift-giving idea.
  10. Advertise on Facebook – Facebook advertising is some of cheapest advertising available right now. With their audience insights, you can target a specific group of readers and drive more eyes to your business for just a couple dollars a day.
  11. Take Advantage of an Instagram Hashtag – If you want to increase engagement on Instagram throughout the holidays, you can create a specific hashtag that people can use to show off how they use your products in holiday gifts, recipes, parties and more.
  12. Plan a Holiday Event – There is no better way to show customer appreciation than to plan an event especially for your clients. Plan it early before their calendar gets full and create it around a theme they will always remember.
  13. Mystery Grab Bags – Some holiday shoppers just aren’t sure what to buy. But you can help them out and offer a sort of fun experience by providing grab bags or surprise gift items that they can purchase at a discounted rate and unwrap to reveal later.
  14. Offer a Gift Basket Services – Often customers may come in unsure what to buy. Help them by offering to create a unique hand-picked gift basket. 
  15. Offer Gift Delivery – Even for local businesses that don’t typically ship products, you can offer to ship or personally deliver gifts for busy customers around the holidays as an extra service or offering.
  16. By Invitation Only Online Sale – To reward your email subscribers or best customers; you can have a secret sale that you don’t publish anywhere else. This can make them feel important and give them the opportunity to get a really great deal.
  17. Thank Your Clients – And finally, giving gifts to your best clients, customers, and colleagues throughout the holiday season can be a great way to show your appreciation and create a great experience for all.


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