You have broken the ice, created a conversation, and delivered your offer. Then why didn’t you connect with your prospect?

You can say the same thing the same way each time, but people will hear your message differently. It’s not you; it’s them.

sales call

One secret to sales is not to find the perfect pitch, but find the right presentation for each person. In order to effectively draw an accurate picture of your prospect’s personality, you need to know something about them. Sometimes this must be done quickly. Consider asking yourself two questions before making a pitch or delivering your offer.

  1. Is this person outgoing or reserved?
    Did the person initiate the meeting and seem comfortable with new people? Or were you the one to take the lead and make introductions?
    An outgoing person may see a problem very differently from a reserved person. Outgoing people may be more motivated if you put your offer in a social context or give them a chance to look good in front of others. Reserved people might analyze the features of your offer and need some assurance of trust that your solution won’t draw them out in any unsettling ways.
  2. Is this person task or people-oriented?
    Does the person care more about goals than people’s feelings? Do they seem to focus on the purpose of the meeting or on listening to everyone’s input?
    Task-oriented people might only want to hear information about solving their problem or accomplishing their goal. They appreciate it when you drop the song and dance and focus on their interests. People-oriented prospects, however, may want to get to know them more before they are ready to commit.

When you have the answers to these two questions, you can put aside the sales performance and quickly and effectively fit your presentation to the person in front of you.


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