Can a copywriter help you grow your business? Let us face it, running a business, even a small business, can be a daunting prospect.

There is so much to do each day to keep it going that it is almost impossible for you to do it all yourself. Outsourcing some of the work is bound to make things better for you, not only because you will be getting experienced people to help you, but because your time will be freed up to focus on the things about your business that you do best.

Hiring a copywriter to help with copy for marketing materials, mission statement, your website as well other materials is an excellent idea. You just have to be sure you hire a first-rate one.

You need a copywriter who has flawless English writing skills. That is why you want to look at samples of any prospective writer first, to see just how well they write in English.

However, it is not only English skills that make a difference; it is also the “voice” or writing style. You need someone who has a unique and personable voice, and one that will fit in well with the overall tone of your company and the theme of your business. If the writing of a copywriter is technically excellent but sounds stiff and too formal, you may want to keep looking for that personable writing style that you need.

Dependability is also a must, as you need a copywriter on whom you can rely. You do not want to be kept waiting for weeks for assignments to be turned in with no word from the writer. However, if you can find a writer who matches all of these qualifications, then you have found yourself a goldmine for your small business, and one that you should keep using for as long as possible.

The most important benefit of hiring a copywriter is that he or she can effectively convey your marketing message and promote your business, which in turn boost your sales. Market copywriters have an amazing way with words – they have a writing style which simply makes people want to buy what you offer!

Pine Press Printing has partnered with just such a writer. R. Chambers LeHeup an award winning wordsmith. Robert will take the time to discuss your business, the vision you have for your business, even tour your facilities, then create the words to convey that message to your customers. To see how R. Chambers LeHeup can help your business call Lori Moroz @ 803-359-9162

Here is just small sampling of the work Robert has done for us:

Home Page

Pine Press Printing is an award-winning, full service, state-of-the-art, copy and printing company whose capability is only matched by our care for the community. With equal focus on quality, value, and customer service, our printing staff has well over 25 years of experience, showing a long held tradition of serving the wants and needs of not only Lexington, SC, but a large portion of the Central Midlands.

For us, no job is too great! From posters, to banners, to even construction drawings and house plans, we offer a wide array of different large print, centered on any specifics desired by our clients.

We do small, too!  We not only print out business and post cards, we can design them and mail them at almost half the cost of the post office, saving both time and money for you, our valued customers. Send out magazines! Brochures! Invitations! The sky’s the limit, not only for our capacity to serve with excellence, but with our efficiency.

Our approach to sustaining our cutting edge technology means we can take whatever information our customer desires through several different mediums. From CDs to flash/thumb drives, SD cards or even downloaded through our website, we can receive your printing needs, allowing us to get the job done correctly and on time. This is our promise to you.

For advertising.

For weddings.

For business.

For family.

For you. Come see us.

Mission Statement

We at Pine Press have dedicated ourselves to offering the best quality print and copy jobs available to our customers, while giving the most affordable rates to our valued clients. As a family owned and operated business, we are far more customer oriented, ensuring that you have the very best service and in a timely fashion. And with our promise of customer satisfaction, we can guarantee it by staying on the cusp of technology, having the capacity and knowledge to satisfy whatever printing needs, large or small.