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“Don’t open a shop unless you like to smile.” ~ Chinese Proverb

Do you remember the first time your loved one smiled at you? Or the first time your child’s face brightened up, recognizing your face? How about the look your mother gave you when she was so proud of you?

Business owners try to find a similar kind of magic moment each time they open their doors. They know a smile has the power to change everything. They work hard at conjuring up that magic each time they meet someone because they want to change everything for someone. Each time you open your doors, are you ready to show people you love what you do?

Ultimately, a customer is a lot like the object of your affection. You can’t help but smile when you see one. And the moment you see each other not as objects but as real people who deserve a smile, you change the relationship. Doors open to opportunities where everyone wins. Now, that’s definitely something worth smiling about.


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