In addition to establishing a consistent brand image across your business, a corporate style guide can ensure documents and other corporate imagery conform to corporate policy and remove the necessity to reinvent the wheel for new communications.

Whether you create a style guide for marketing materials, websites, newsletters, or external communications, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Include an introduction and background of your business (consider offering a timeline of historical events, mission statement, etc.).
  • Provide examples of how your brand is used (provide images from business cards, print documents, newsletters, e-mail signatures, website, etc.).
  • Define acceptable deviations and abbreviations of your company name (for example, Polar Professionals, Polar Professionals, Inc., PPI, and Polar), as well as a list of taglines and slogans.
  • Identify corporate colors, typefaces, and logo standards (such as guidelines using a partial logo or a black and white logo vs. color).
  • Address professional and departmental titles (John Doe, PE vs. John Doe or “Department of Art and Design” vs. “Art Department”).
  • Define a consistent way to write day-to-day words such as e-mail vs. email, website vs. web site, etc.

And for help creating and printing a style guide that professionally portrays your business, stop by or call today.

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