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In some ways, a sale is a two-way street. Good sales representatives understand their clients and prospects because they construct a profile of the person behind the sale. Prospects and leads also build their own profiles of sales reps using whatever information they find available. That means looking up those sales reps on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and seeing if they know anyone who has done business with them.

Customers and prospects do their homework. What do they find if they look at you in full profile? When you need your public profiles to work for you and not against you, start with these steps:

  • Provide a Photo — Not only are humans social creatures, we’re visual creatures as well. Add a photo or tasteful drawing to your LinkedIn account. Suit and collar may not be necessary, but be sure your appearance sends the appropriate message for your audience.
  • Only Connect — Some people won’t consider an offer unless they first find a shared connection. Social media does some of your work for you by providing them with people you both know. Build up a portfolio of your work connections in your public profiles, as well as your sales solutions. Think testimonials and advocates.
  • Show that You Are Human — Worried about that image of you wearing a stupid hat or riding a mechanical bull? Relax. People probably want to know you have a fun side and that you trust others enough to let your guard down once in a while. They want to do business with regular people they feel they can trust

When cold-calling, cold-emailing, or breaking the ice, remember to ask yourself: “How do I look in profile?” Whether  online or in person, use visual assets like profile photos. Try creating a portfolio of connections, and don’t be afraid to look human. Your new clients are doing their homework on you. Make sure they appreciate who you are and what you can do for them.


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