Make the Sale

A real-estate investment manager assigned a new sales representative to a veteran in the department. When they first met, the young novice noticed the veteran stuff a commission slip in his pocket before they shook hands. After introductions, the veteran took the new teammate into his office to talk. The veteran tucked the slip into an orange file on his desk and put the orange file into a large filing box. The new sales rep couldn’t hold his curiosity any longer.

“If you don’t mind me asking, how much did you make?”

The veteran thought for a moment. “It’s one of the best in my career, actually. Six Figures.” Impressed, and a little bolder now, the novice leaned closer to ask, “How did you get the sale? How long did it take you?”
The veteran let out a long breath. “Well, it depends on how you measure things.” When the novice looked confused, the veteran continued, “I could tell you that it only took four meetings.” The novice’s eyes lit up, but the veteran didn’t stop. “The first meeting was at a local Chamber of Commerce, where the CFO of a chain of malls gave a brief presentation. I talked to him for two minutes after the presentation. For about a year and a half, I tried to reach him again with no success. Then, a friend gave me tickets to a ball game. While at the ball game, I noticed the same CFO three rows away. I said ‘Hi,’ reintroduced myself, and brought up his presentation.” The novice kept silent and still. “He invited me to his office the next week. It turned out we could help them with a property. It took another two and half years to finish the deal, with the last meeting this month. So, it only took four meetings. But between those meetings, I put in about four years of work.” The new sales representative sat there speechless. The veteran smiled and said, “It’s worth it, but you have to put in the work.”


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