We are big believers that business doesn’t always have to be about print files and paper orders. 

We are a company that looks for ways where we can give back to our community. We understand that a community thrives on events where volunteer groups and nonprofits come together to lend a hand and support its cause.

Sometimes the things we do just make good business sense. Believe it or not, we enjoy the benefit of giving and the feeling of satisfaction we get in helping make Lexington a better place to live, work, and play.

However, there are tangible benefits to contributing to our community. It serves as a way to get the word out about Pine Press and our products and services.

We look at it this way. Our community loves human interest stories, and the paper loves to fill its pages with photos of business people enjoying an event. Charities and nonprofit organizations are only too happy to recognize businesses by thanking them on social media, on their websites, and in the papers.

Our favorite nonprofit organization is Midlands Special Needs Foundation. Partnering with them is excellent exposure for our business, but more importantly, it brings awareness to the needs of the foundation.

Our hearts go out to all non-profit organizations in our community, so we encourage you to give what you can and make a difference in Lexington.

If you are so inclined to help the MSNF, we are still gathering items for our Silent Auction that will go back to supporting the needs of special needs adults right here in our community.


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