Leadership Skills Lost at Sea

After a certain amount of time in the business world, most managers will gravitate toward a single management style, depending on their personality or line of work.  Those styles include facilitative, authoritative, or somewhere in between.

But any good captain will tell you there is danger in complacency. relying too heavily on one style will not serve you or your team well in the long run.

If you find yourself lost at sea or stuck in a rut, it might be time to try a different tack in order to keep the wind in your sails.

Different situations often call for different managerial styles,  In a crisis, for example, you don’t necessarily want to be facilitative. On the other hand, when you’re making decisions where some of your employees may have more knowledge about the subject, you should probably avoid the authoritative style.

Good captains and good managers will recognize each situation as unique and choose the style they think is best to ensure smooth sailing for everyone.


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