workspaceThe workforce is changing. Nothing motivates quite like money, but loyalty often comes from other sources. How does your organization use these five extras that foster loyalty in good employees?

  • Flexible Schedules  – What’s important: results generated or time clocked? Flexibility demonstrates a workplace’s priorities and level of trust, which build shared goals and loyalty. If the work environment permits, try a results-oriented scheduling program.
  • Comfort Perks – It may seem like a small thing, but if a person doesn’t feel welcome in a work environment, they likely won’t feel loyal. Allow associates to bring in a few personal items so they have a small home away from home.
  • Having a Voice – Management can get caught up in feeling like initiatives must be top-down and controlled. But if everyone on the team has a channel to voice an idea, that sense of investment and empowerment can transform workplaces and increase revenue. It might even make management’s job easier, too.
  • Celebrations – If turnover has become an issue for you, think about how your business celebrates goals. What an organization celebrates shows the inherent culture and community built within the business. Celebration encourages loyalty.
  • Benefits – Life insurance, dental plans, and investment options can all change a team’s attitude. Many benefits packages include basic plans that cost surprisingly little and alleviate expenditure headaches. The results in retention and productivity are all just as measurable.


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