If your online marketing efforts are having a hard time gaining momentum, it’s time to combine those online marketing components with these off-line print marketing pieces. 

  1. Direct mail is one of the most effective forms of advertising because it reaches your highly targeted audience, and it has a high response rate.
  2. Brochures explain who you are and what you do with compelling images and a brief overview of your products and services.
  3. Booklets highlight your expertise by giving your customers and prospects useful information and helpful advice.
  4. Letterhead and envelopes create company recognition and familiarity with your brand.
  5. Annual reports help promote your organization’s achievements and future plans to your vendors, customers, supporters, and employees.
  6. Catalogs provide prospects with a sampling of your products, along with specific details and order information.
  7. Case studies allow you to share success stories from satisfied customers who have used your products to solve specific solutions.
  8. Postcards offer inexpensive, quick promotions for announcing upcoming sales or specials.
  9. Sales letters can be used as a personalized, friendly way to explain new offers or products.
  10. Trade shows mean customers and prospects are in one central location. Hand out your marketing materials, display your products, and give hands-on demonstrations to help boost the interest level in your products and services.


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