play catch

Steve Jobs of Apple once met with marketing consultants on a launch of a product. He wanted to highlight five new fantastic features in the advertising. One consultant saw a problem.
The consultant crumpled up six pieces of paper. He picked up one and said to Jobs, “This is how advertising works. Hey! Catch this!” He threw the one crumpled paper ball. Jobs easily caught it and threw it back.
“This is what you want us to do.” The consultant grabbed the five remaining crumpled balls all together and threw them. Jobs didn’t catch any of them.

People profit with print marketing in our digital world because of this game of catch with customers. Print gives you a chance to say, “Catch this!” People love to play and join in. With print, they will know exactly what to catch with your offer.

While 4×6 postcards or 3×9 rack cards might seem basic or simple, each has plenty of room for the key elements of effective advertising:

•    A major headline that’s easy to read—something your customer can identify with.
•    A description of the key benefit—why your offer is the right choice.
•    A call to action—frame everything with a coupon, limited-time offer, or extra reward.

Steve Jobs changed his mind about marketing, but still kept his goal of making Apple one of the leading companies in the world. He just learned one more way to play a better game of catch.


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