As we embark into a new decade, we encourage you to look for innovative ways to shake up your print marketing.

We may not want to admit it, but online marketing is here to stay, and it will continue to be a significant factor in your marketing strategy. With that being said, your print marketing is just as important as your online marketing. 

Some may consider print marketing old-fashion, but it is making a huge comeback as businesses look for alternative ways to get information out to their customers. We like to point out some of the benefits of using print marketing over or along with online marketing. Print reaches a more defined niche market and can easily target specific geographical locations. It also can help you have higher visibility in your local market where online marketing can often get diluted in the sea of online advertising. 

Here are three ways you can include print marketing in your strategy for 2020: 

Stand Out in the Crowd – With over 269 billion emails being sent every single day, it’s a wonder your messages are getting low conversion rates. If your email marketing campaigns are nose-diving, go back to what we know works. Direct mail can grab the attention of customers who are tired of thumbing through hundreds of emails.  

Stickers are not just for kids! – You wouldn’t think these very cost-effection forms of marketing would be useful but they are. They can be added to orders, postcards, notes, receipts, and promotional products.  They can be a fun way to advertise your business. 

Loyalty Cards – Today is no different than twenty years ago – customers are always trying to save money. Keeping life-long customers is as important as finding new ones and there is no better way to do that than creating a Customer Loyalty Program. 

Whatever business you are in, we can help you find unique and innovate ways to use print marketing in the coming year.


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