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2019 Print Marketing Trends

Winter is upon us, and along with heavy sweaters and festive decorations, marketers have a sense of urgency to figure out which tactics they should be focusing on in the coming year.

With 2019 only a few weeks away we wanted to take a look at what marketing experts are predicting will be the hottest print trends for next year.

While some may still think print is a thing of the past we know print advertising should not be overlooked. Many companies are focusing on their online presence and are missing the power traditional print marketing has.

With a never-ending supply of online ads, email marketing, and social media chatter, sometimes the only way to stand out in the crowd is to use traditional marketing techniques.

A national survey of U.S. Internet users concluded that 82% of those surveyed found print advertisements more trustworthy than online advertising. Now isn’t that interesting?

Our goal is to help you reach and keep your customers in 2019, here are six of the hottest print marketing trends for next year.

  • Return to the Basics
    An oversized postcard with a bright picture, simple text and plenty of white space is sure to grab the attention of your target audience.
  • Update Your Brochure
    A professionally designed brochure makes a bold statement and stands out better than a business card.
  • Re-Engage Your Customers
    Find a way to reach out to your clients each season. A spring catalog, a summer clearance sale, a fall special and a winter promotion.  Postcards, catalogs, discount flyers, and even newsletters make a great way to keep your business in front of them all year long.
  • Customer Only Codes
    Make repeat customers by treating them customer only discount codes generate a much higher return on investment than any other form of discount codes and can be added to any marketing piece.
  • Add Texture
    Touch has the most significant impact on the brain and can create long-lasting brand awareness. We have ways to add embossing, debossing and intricate folds to your marketing pieces that will make them more memorable.
  • Add Some Bling
    Who doesn’t like shiny things? To make your print advertising eye-catching, stamp it with foil. Foil stamping adds an elegant metallic and holographic effect to your print marketing.

Lastly, we believe the biggest impact comes from using print marketing and digital marketing together. For example, when you mail or hand out a brochure, follow up with an email or reach out on social media. Create a well-rounded marketing plan that keeps your customers engaged across all platforms.

Work one or all of these print strategies to your 2019 Marketing Plan.

Sometimes, all you have to do is use some good old fashion marketing techniques in order to see new fresh results!


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