Profiting from Industry Disruption

In the late 1800s, a candle-making company in Ohio hit hard times. The lightbulb had changed everything, and not just the lighting industry. The company scrambled to find ways to keep candles profitable in a new and modern world. One day, a forgetful employee left his machinery running when he went to lunch. He returned to a frothy mess filled with bubbles. He had ruined a batch of candles. Instead of throwing out the material, he used it to make soap. Later, he discovered something unique about his soap—it floated in water.

At the time, many people were still bathing in rivers and open water. People bought his floating soap because it wouldn’t sink or get lost. The innovative soap caught on right away across the country and shone a new light on the future of the candle company. Procter and Gamble might have faltered early, but a creative accident and a new line of business made them an internationally recognized business.


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