In 2002, Pepsi spent $8.1 million on a television commercial. Britney Spears went back in time to show decades of people enjoying Pepsi. Years later, Chanel No. 5 spent $33 million for a two-minute commercial starring Nicole Kidman. To compete for attention, many companies put more and more money into marketing and advertising campaigns. This problem of escalation makes entertainment the priority. The goal of marketing and advertising, however, is to win customers.

Businesses still need to ask customers to do business with them. The answer to the escalation problem lies in the simple and persistent marketing tools that have always been available to small and large businesses.

People spend most of their time and money in their neighborhoods. Local advertising such as event posters, banner displays, or outdoor signage may not seem glamorous, but it connects with potential customers. Local print marketing achieves the same level of effective repetition and persistence as television advertising. Getting into a person’s home mailbox costs mere pennies. Mail out postcards and direct mail coupon books may not come with celebrity endorsements, but they tell customers what deals are available in the community.

Small businesses still win customer attention without the fanfare of costly media advertising because print gets their message to customers simply and persistently.


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