Don’t let anyone drive a wedge between you and your valued customers.

Your customers are feeling pressure like never before.  Many are concerned and looking for any help they can get.  They are looking to cut costs anyway they can.  So now is the time to stay in touch with them.  Your customers may have been loyal for many years but if someone comes in front of them and you have neglected your relationship they may be tempted to give this new attentive vendor a try. Don’t let this happen to you.

One of the best ways to stay in touch is with a newsletter.  There are many forms of newsletters, from the very simple to the very elaborate.  A client of ours that sells a premium product stays in touch with their customers through a regular mailing of a simple  newsletter.

Another fine way to keep in touch is with postcards.  Postcards are quickly and easily read.  There is no need to open an envelope.  Their postage is less than a letter and there is no stuffing and licking involved.  Lori and I will leave them on the dinner table for the other one to read. You wont catch me tossing a Kohls or Lexington Arms postcard, before she has had a chance to see it!

In addition to using postcards on a regular basis to promote seasonal or special events, postcards can be used to thank customers for business. You can get a stack of postcards made for your business and keep them handy to send out after a job is completed, sending a handwritten note saying “thank you”.

Contests are another was to stay in touch and help you be top of mind with your customers.  One of our clients uses a postcard to announce a contest that he has each year about this time rewarding all his customers with an opportunity to win a vacation get away.  What a great way to stay in touch and say thank at the same time.  And all for a little more than a quarter in postage.

At Pine Press Printing we have the ability to meet what ever you want in terms of newsletters or cards.  We can produce short runs digitally or print thousands of newsletters, all economically.  We have templates of pre-designed cards that we can personalize and even address the envelopes for you.  Or we can custom design something that you want done if you have a vague idea of what you want or if you have a clear idea in your mind.

When you want to stay in touch with your clients, remember Pine Press Printing is here to help.

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