vase of flowers

I heard a story about a poor, jobless man whose home was very small and run down. One day, he met a kind stranger that listened as he complained about his miserable life and run down home. The stranger felt sorry for him and gave him a gorgeous colored vase, and told the man that the vase would bring him luck and beautify his home.

The man took the vase home and began admiring its beauty. He picked some wildflowers to put in the vase and it became even more stunning. Then the man looked around at the spider webs and dirty floors surrounding the vase and began cleaning his house, washing the floor, and painting his walls. Proud of his accomplishments, the man got a job cleaning a local church and no longer had time for thoughts of misfortune.

Here’s the way I see it: Good luck is the result of hard work and preparation. We’re here to help with both to ensure your printed projects bring your business good luck and beauty every day.


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