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Nature brings in a rainbow of colors throughout of year. Color adds richness, texture, and interest; color creates an atmosphere of joy.

People crave color; they need it.  That’s why color is such an effective means of capturing attention, as research has proven again and again.  That’s why marketers use color.  It works. From your logo to you letterhead, color increases brand recognition by up to 80%.

Shoppers walking down the aisle won’t stop to read every label; they’ll scan for the color of their favorite brand.  Think fast. You’re craving a Coke. What color do you want? Red. And what if Pepsi is more to your liking? Blue. It’s that fast. Color builds brand recognition.

Color also conveys meaning. In a world where primary colors of red, yellow, and blue are king, why might a company like UPS choose boring old brown? First, from a practical perspective, brown is easier to keep looking fresh and clean.  Second, UPS wanted to invoke their parent company, Pullman Brown, which is associated with the luxury and tradition of Pullman railcars.  What color were those cars? You guessed it: brown.

The big brands know the power of color, and the effectiveness of their color campaigns is seen on every store shelf, magazine ad, and Web page that showcases their goods.  Those same principles can apply to smaller businesses as well.

Take a look at your own company colors –what do they say about you and your business?  Could they say more? Let us help you stand out and get noticed with color.


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