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One of the biggest advantages of direct mail is that it can be easily tracked and measured. Here are a few creative ways to track the results of your next direct mail campaign online or offline:
  • Create customized landing pages with a unique URL that is short and easy to type. Or use different QR codes on various mailings that link to different pages. Be sure to use Google Analytics to benchmark traffic to specific pages.
  • Use unique toll-free numbers or phone extensions to track responses.
  • Change up your contact information to different staff. For example, campaign A directs to John Doe, which Campaign B directs to Jane Doe.
  • Create customized response or key codes, and reward customers who use the code with an exclusive discount or free gift with purchase.
  • Encourage customers to redeem an exclusive discount using your physical direct mail piece (postcard, coupon, etc.) Use simple identifiers that make it stand apart from similar direct mail pieces to other customers, such as an anniversary seal or stamp.
  • Simply ask people. For example, in the Contact Us form on your website, ask people how they heard about you. Also encourage sales reps to ask new prospects and customers that request more information how they heard about your promotion.

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