In a bid to win over customers it seems that many businesses will make many promises, many of which seldom come to fruition. How many times have you been ‘duped’ in to buying a service or product, which the seller claims “has a good after sales warranty package”, and when you have tried to claim on the warranty you have found that it isn’t worth the paper it is written on? This is a prime example of a business over promising and under delivering. There are several other examples of businesses over promising and under delivering that happen to many people on a daily basis, such as in the printing business stating a product will be delivered in three working days when in fact it is delivered in five working days. Over promising and under delivering is a risky strategy for businesses as it is likely to disgruntle the customers, and virtually eliminate the possibility of repeat sales.

Under promising and over delivering is the opposite of over promising and under delivering. For example, if a business states a product will be dispatched in five working days and it is dispatched in three working days it has performed better than it promised to. Under promising and over delivering is doing that little bit more than stated and going that extra mile to satisfy customers. It is providing value for money, which is something all customers want.

In all transactions customers will have an expectation, and this must be met and managed by the business. By stating the cost of products and services, the quality of the products or services, the delivery times, the after sales package and warranty etc. it is often the business that determines the customers’ expectations. Exceeding customers’ expectations i.e. under promising and over delivering, is beneficial for businesses as it often results in repeat sales and free advertising through word of mouth. This has always been our goal at Pine Press Printing & Mailing. Come give us a try!

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