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Historically summer is a tough time for small businesses. This time of the year when everyone is off enjoying their summer vacations, a slow-down in sales is expected. But don’t despair. If you need to energize your marketing in the heat of summer, use the following tips to jump-start your business this summer.

Offer extra discounts as the temperature rises

As the temperature rises here in Lexington, SC, we notice that our customers tend to get a little irritable when we get close to the 100° mark. And for that matter, so do we! When we see the weather forecast inching its way up, we offer discounts that bring our prices down a bit. Our annual “Christmas in July Sale” comes every year right in the middle of summer. 

Partner up

Look around to your neighbors for non-competing businesses that you could partner with.  Create a combined package for services or products that would compliment each other. Send out a direct mail piece to a combined customer list or send out an email promoting the special to both lists.  You’ve just doubled your reach by partnering up!

Launch a new product or service

Most companies wait until the holidays or the first of the year to launch a new product or service, but summer is the perfect time to introduce a new item. During the summer, there is less competition and a better chance of standing out in the crowd and attracting attention.

 Host a party

There is no way around it.  People are more likely to attend a customer appreciation luncheon or dinner during the summer months.  People love to be outside, and they love to mingle around a barbeque. Offer your customers discounted tickets to an outdoor event like a ball game or amusement park. You’ll give your customers a reason to enjoy the summer all while keeping your business forefront in their minds.

Cool them off

Volunteer at a community event that will be held outside in the heat of summer.  Hand out fans or misters to help keep people cool.  We have an array of summer cooling promotional products that will be perfect for making a memorable impression on people who may not normally associate with your products or services.

Find a hot spot

Look for those areas around town that would make perfect advertising spots.  Beaches, pools, attractions, and high-traffic areas would be a perfect place for large-format banners or signs to market your business.

Take a break

During the summer, customers often look for a reason to take a long lunch break or early dinner. Reward some of your best customers with an excuse to enjoy a leisurely lunch date while you thank them for their loyalty.

 Give back

Summer is the perfect time to give back to your community.  Organize a trash pick up day, volunteer at a community event, sponsor a sports team and find ways to connect with your customers on a personal level. Your focus should be on forming relationships through community events, not selling.

Put it on autopilot

Not only do your customers enjoy taking time off, so should you. During the summer automate as much as possible to enjoy your time away. Lead generation software can help you automate your emails to keep your customers in the loop while you are away. Schedule your social media posts with an automation tool like Hootsuite that targets your audience throughout the day.

Take advantage of your Google My Business listing

Take the time to make sure you have filled out, and all the information is correct on your Google business listing.  Making sure your information is correct on Google can increase your visibility in the search engine results. Responding to your customer’s reviews promptly shows Google you are serious about your business success.

Just because we are in the middle of summer doesn’t mean your sales need to suffer.  Take some time to implement some of the above marketing tips and breathe some fresh air into your business exposure.


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