There is no doubt about it digital marketing has gotten a lot of coverage in the last few years. While we agree social media and online marketing is essential and seen by a wider audience, we know by our own experience, users most likely will scroll past an ad than read it. 

On the flip side, businesses that use large format signage and graphics to advertise their business are more likely to catch the attention of potential clients in their local area. For this reason, this type of marketing has never declined in popularity and is an integral part of any marketing plan. 

Understandably, some advertising trends will change over the years, but we predict that large format printing such as signage, billboards, and vehicle wraps will hold steady. Why is that? Because they grab attention in a BIG way. 

We also agree that large format printing is harder to target a specific group or demographic area, but we believe they make a larger impact.  When it comes down to it, people would rather do business with someone in their local area and get recommendations from their friends far more often than not. We are seeing more and more images taking on a more realistic look that is resonating with viewers. 

Finally, digital marketing may be the one marketing trend that is talked about most often, however, hen it comes down to it, large format printing is the advertising method that people remember the most.


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