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Let’s face it yard signs (aka bandit signs) is a widely used guerilla marketing technique that has taken the marketing world by storm.  From the tacky signs stapled to telephone poles on every corner to the beautifully designed real state and business yard signs, they are here to stay.

Whether you need to advertise your next promotional offer, investment opportunity, real estate or foreclosure signs, yard/bandit signs are the perfect solution for creating awareness about your business.

From the standard 24-inch x 36-inch to the larger 4-feet x 4-feet, and 4 feet x 8-feet signs they all make a significant impact when advertising your business or property and generate a wide array of exposure.

However, there is a fine science behind using yard signs. We’ve come up with 10 tips to help you use yard signage in your marketing effectively.

Yard signs have a low cost but offer a big reward when done correctly.

  1. Double the Exposure – Make the extra investment by printing your signs on both sides so they can be seen from both traffic streams.
  2. Contrasting Colors – Use one dark color and one light color together. Use black, red, blue or brown on a white background. Use yellow on a black background. Use white on a blue, green or red background.
  3. Simple is Best – The best-converting signs are those that use no more than two lines of text; the first line for a short message, and the second for the phone number. The oncoming traffic will only be able to read two lines of text before they pass.
  4. Arrows WORK – People don’t want to think about how to get to an address they will respond better to following directional arrows.
  5. Forego Branding – Yard signs are only meant to tell them how to get ahold of you. The space on a yard sign is limited, so your message is more important than your branding image.
  6. Stick to TWO – If you use a black and white sign, make the text black and the phone number white on a black block. It makes your message easier to read quicker.
  7. One Service per Sign – Back to the keep it simple. Advertise only one thing at a time. OPEN HOUSE TODAY – 2-4 PM
  8. Easy to Read Fonts – Stay away from script fonts and stick to fonts that are easily read on all formats. Arial, Verdana, and Sans Serif are the best choices.
  9. Lots of White Space – You should aim for 30-40% white space.  Lots of white space makes your sign easy to read in a couple seconds. Remember yard signs are targeting traffic, so your message has to clear and legible.
  10. Big is Always Better – Bigger letters are readable at a further distance as are bigger signs.  Yard signs come in an array of sizes so always go BIG!

There you have it …out top 10 ways to make your yard sign work for your business.


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