Did you know that the English language contains over 250,000 words? But most marketing experts agree that there are 21 “best words” to use when you want to sell. Words should be chosen with the utmost care in marketing to convey precise messages to the reader. Words can motivate and actually make people think differently when they read them. Choosing the right word at the right time can greatly enhance the likelihood of creating a favorable impression of your product or business.

What’s in a word?

The exact words you use in your company’s marketing materials can make the difference between success and failure. If you choose the right words, your prospects will find you and your company irresistible. If you choose the wrong words, you’ll spend a lot of extra time trying to convince prospects to do business with you. When it comes to writing copy for your marketing materials, your word choices matter. Here is a list of the top 21 words that can help you sell more. I’ve taken the liberty of putting my top 10 word choices first. Use them wisely, and watch your marketing response rates improve.

The Top 10

1. The person’s name
2. You/your
3. Benefit
4. Quick/quickly
5. Easy/easily
6. Yes
7. Free
8. Guarantee/guaranteed
9. Money
10. Fun

The Remaining 11

11. Health/healthy
12. Love
13. Save
14. Proven
15. Results
16. New
17. Solution
18. How to
19. More
20. Now
21. Safe/safely

You may find yourself looking at these words and thinking that there is nothing new or innovative here. It is true that these words have been used throughout recent marketing history, but they still hold great power in their meanings. Some businesses have made great use of these words in combination with great products and services. As your marketing and copywriting skills increase, try to combine words that sell in the same sentence. For example, maybe you could say doing business with a locally owned company like yours is “quick, safe and easy.” Or, perhaps your firm provides “proven results with guaranteed benefits.” Or, you’ll “love our fun and money-saving” approach to customer service. Well, you get the idea.

When you use these 21 words in your sales and marketing materials, you will increase your prospects’ interest in what you’re saying, which ultimately leads to more chances, leads, and opportunities to make a sale. Learning to get in the habit of using the right word choices in your marketing materials is a smart thing to do.

Can you do this? Yes you can! We can help! And you’re going to love the results. Guaranteed!

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