Sometimes we get so busy with our day-to-day life that we forget to say “thank you” to our employees and our coworkers.  We forget the power of those two simple little words.  This is a very effective way to have more positive interactions with your employees.  It’s also extremely beneficial to both you and them.

The Positive Effects of Conscious Gratitude

Saying “thank you” does more than just prove you have good manners. Thankfulness can improve your physical and emotional health, your social relationships and your general well-being.

Multiple studies have shown a positive correlation between thankfulness, cardiovascular health, and immune-system functions. UC Davis professor Robert Emmons says grateful people tend to take better care of themselves than others. In general, they make healthier lifestyle choices in diet and physical fitness, and get more regular physical exams.
Those same benefits can trickle down to the recipients of thanks. It boosts their self-esteem and sense of value and self-worth.

3 Keys to Better Employee Engagement
What motivates employees to become truly engaged in their jobs? Here are three keys, according to a survey of studies by The Conference Board:

  • Trust and Integrity:  Supervisors gain trust with employees by communicating expectations clearly and by helping their staff understand how the things they do impact the company’s goals and growth.
  • Career Growth: Employees thrive when they find their jobs mentally stimulating. They’re also more engaged when they feel there are opportunities for future growth and development within the company.
  • Company Pride/Coworkers: People love to feel pride in what they do. They want to be part of something greater than themselves – something that is bettering society at large, not just their own bottom line.

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