Investing your time and finding ways to make clients happy proves you really care and are committed to fostering a long-term relationship.

I would like to suggest you print this list out and post it close to your desk. When you have that rare moment to consider your next move, there will be 5 quick tips right in front of you. Think of a client and implement one of these suggestions. I guarantee you will see results. You cannot go wrong with No.1, try it first.

1. Send a written thank you card, and not just after your first appointment.

2. Take clients out for a meal.

3. Make sure you or your boss call and thank the customer for their business to show them they’re important.

4. Who doesn’t enjoy getting mail that shows others are thinking about us? Send a card to brighten your customer’s day.

5. When you get the first order from a new customer, give them a small thank you gift in return.

Always a good idea: Pay your client a sincere compliment. People like it when salespeople notice and remark on something positive. That’s why compliments strengthen relationships.

If you have not received a Thank You card from me yet, you will soon enough. But ask while you are in the shop and we will show you samples of the ones we have created for our own use. BTW we can create you a really cool, custom “Thank You” card. Using your logo, beautiful colors or a photograph to help make it memorable.

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