As I get older the Thanksgiving holiday becomes more important to me. Counting my blessings cheers me up and causes me to realize just how blessed I am. My brother Ross showed me how this works. He lives in Atlanta and we talk often while he is commuting back and forth to work. For the last couple of years he will call me from the “parking lot” that is Atlanta traffic and he would start telling me just how grateful he was for different things in his life. Instead of dwelling on the negative things that all of our lives have. He would start listing things like: his children’s health, the warm coffee in his cup, the fact his car was running, food in the pantry etc. Before I knew it I was doing the same thing. He has a saying “a grateful heart is a happy heart”. Ross went on to explain that a person cannot be grateful and unhappy at the same time. That is powerful. Possibly life changing. So the next time we catch ourselfs feeling blue or wanting to complain, lets try mentally listing all the things we are grateful for. By the time you reach 10 things, no matter how small. You will be happier, Ross guarantees it!

My brother Ross & I

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