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There isn’t an article or marketing blog I read these days that doesn’t put an emphasis on building your fans and followers through social media. And while that is all good and well, I firmly believe that the best way to create a loyal customer is to spend time working on relationship marketing.

What is Relationship Marketing?

It’s a segment of marketing that solely works on building brand awareness through your existing customer base.  It’s focusing on customer service more than the sale. It’s making sure your customer is satisfied which builds customer commitment and loyalty.  The primary goal of relationship marketing is to make your customers feel connected to you in such a way that they recommend your services, become repeat customers and advocate for you.

How do we work on Relationship Marketing?

  • To start with every February, we go the extra mile to let our customers know how much we love and appreciate them. As a small business, we work hard to develop strong, relationships with our customers.
  • We position our business to be an expert in our field. We educate our staff, introduce new products, services, and technology to keep our clients ahead of their competition.
  • We show our clients what they mean to us. We go out of our way to offer them something of value. Whether it is our time, attention to detail or promotional products, we go out of our way to strengthen and nurture our relationship with them.
  • We build trust. By focusing on their needs instead of our own we gain their confidence, build loyalty and keep our brand fresh in their mind.
  • And lastly, we know our business will be judged on how we treat our clients. Strong client relationships go hand-in-hand with them making trustworthy referrals for us.

Relationship Marketing works when we put “people” back into business and take our focus away from the profits and back into loyal relationships.

How are you building your Relationship Marketing?

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