Remember the days when being voted the best-dressed in your senior yearbook was a real honor? We think there should be a local yearbook for businesses.

We’ve chosen some of our customers for our own business yearbook:

Best Dress Business

We love the best-dressed category the most! Only because we believe the simpler direct marketing efforts work best.

Creating a lasting impression for your company is an effective way to build your brand. Company apparel is a cost-effective way to market your business and has many benefits for a company.

  • Employees who are given company apparel to wear will generally strive to represent the company in a more positive manner.
  • Customers tend to associate business apparel with a well-established reliable company.
  • Customers associate branded items with professional companies, meaning they will feel more secure doing business with you.
  • Corporate apparel provides a consistent appearance for all employees, reinforcing that feeling of reliability.
  • Customers tend to view employees who wear corporate apparel as both brand ambassadors and experts in their field.

Beyond the way your brand may speak to your client, the more times your customer sees your logo, the more likely they will remember to use your product or service. We use branded apparel because it’s a less intrusive way to promote our company and it’s effective and affordable.

Think about the last time you went to a sporting event.  Most likely you were surrounded by your favorite sports teams and their sponsors in what the person next to you was wearing.  You’ve were marketed to over and over again and didn’t even realize it!

At the end of the day, your customers and employees need to wear clothes, why not put them to work marketing for you with branded apparel.  The choices are endless! 

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Tracy Fredrychowski is Marketing Director at Pine Press Printing, Mailing Marketing & Business Solutions. – On most days you’ll find her locked away in her office writing copy and dreaming up creative marketing themes.