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Over the years we’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of business owners helping them meet their marketing goals.

Many business owners understand the importance of well-designed business card or the advertising potential with car signage,  but they often ignore the importance of professional attention grabbing a business sign. If the sign that advertises a business is positioned and attractively designed, passers-by are immediately drawn to it.

According to a survey by FedEx Office, 64%  of the surveyed business owners understand that professional signage designs are the perfect way to make people stop and take notice of a business.

The same survey revealed how customers come to know about local businesses.

  • 35% will notice a sign while passing
  • 29% already knew about the business
  • 14% discover a business via word of mouth
  • 10% use advertising
  • 6% other
  • 7% don’t remember how they’ve come in contact with a business

So you see from this survey a large portion of those surveyed noticed a local company just by observing its signage.

Do you want to be sure your sign is a show stopper?  Here are a few tips for drawing people into your business with your signage.

  • Colors Matter – Choosing the correct colors to play an essential role in creating an eye-catching If possible use bright colors that catch the eye quickly. Avoid using trendy colors that may require you to redesign your signs almost every year. Brand your business by matching your logo colors to your signage when possible.
  • Think Contrast – Business signs compete with hundreds of distractions inside and outside of your business. The message on your sign must grab attention at the slightest glance. By creating contrast in your design, you’ll be sure to catch the eye of even the most distracted passer-by. The best way to create contrast is to have your text or graphics in the foreground and a single color in the background. Another trick is to draw a thick border around the text to make it easier to read.
  • The Larger, the Better – Signs need to be clearly visible from a long distance. The design rule of thumb for signs is you should increase the letter height by an inch for every 10 feet in distance. This means that for signage to be clearly visible from 100 feet, its letters might be 10 inches of height. Choose clean and straightforward typefaces that are easy to read from a distance.  Scrip and fancy fonts may look good up close but are unreadable at a distance.

Is it time to freshen up your business signage this year? 

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