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It was a beautiful day in South Carolina to play hooky and head to the beach. And that’s just what Lori and I did for a day last week. The waves were crashing, the sky was blue, the seagulls were busy making their rounds, and we were enjoying a calm, peaceful day at Edisto Beach.

Trying hard not to talk shop we soon were reminded that it doesn’t matter where you are when an advertisement is ready to hit.  We heard the hum of the plane long before we saw it but once we did the banner it was pulling was for one of our favorite coastal restaurants and it instantly made us hungry!

On the drive to the beach, we had just been discussing how we could make a bigger impact for our Pine Press customers with the use of banners and signs.  Knowing that, we both turned to each other and started to laugh.

Lori said, “That restaurant knows us! It was the perfect time to fly over the beach and grab our attention. They went big and bold and took their message to the sky and made us hungry for seafood!”

To get noticed, you sometimes have to go big and bold to grab your audience’s attention!

Large vinyl banners are a powerful, yet economical way to bring attention to your business. Outdoor banners can be large enough that they are easily read from a distance and are perfect when placed in high traffic areas where your customers are known to frequent.

Here are a few tips to consider to make sure you are Catching the Eyes of Your Passerby’s:

  1. Make your call to action easy and understandable.
  2. Banners that evoke an emotion are ones that will be remembered. (Remember our day at the beach.  The banner was a plate of food which made us hungry.)
  3. You need to understand where your traffic is coming from, and the direction it is going.
  4. Is it foot traffic or driving traffic?
  5. How long is the window of visibility before the customer has passed out of range?
  6. Make sure your logo is simple and clean and can be viewed from any distance.

Banner advertising is all about learning to stop traffic!

Vinyl banners are excellent for most applications especially when the wind is a concern. Opt for vinyl mesh with hems and grommets to reduce wind resistance and increase longevity.

Whether displayed indoors or out, there’s no better way to make a lasting impression than with a large banner or vinyl sign!

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Tracy Fredrychowski is Marketing Director at Pine Press Printing, Mailing Marketing & Business Solutions. – On most days you’ll find her locked away in her office writing copy and dreaming up creative marketing themes.