Make the Sale

Salespeople know their ABCs—always be closing! Perhaps another important sales ABC is always be compassionate. It takes guts to succeed in sales, but it also takes heart.

Here are seven steps of compassionate, highly successful salespeople.

  1. Compassionate listening. The fi rst lesson of compassion is listening, not telling. Listen to the person tell their story in order to assess their needs.
  2. Compassionate understanding. Instead of banging round pegs into square holes, truly understand your customers’ needs and fi nd the right fi t for them. Compassion doesn’t make a problem worse. Honesty and authenticity get noticed … and rewarded.
  3. Compassionate commitment. Compassion involves commitment. When you find the right solution, help celebrate with your client. Highlight past projects and results for other clients. Provide testimonials to potential clients from other delighted customers. Show your passion and commitment to each client.
  4. Compassionate solutions. You know you have a solution for your client, but do they?Paint a picture so that they can envision their problem resolved and their goals within reach because you understood them and created a solution that solved their problem.
  5. Compassionate support. More than anything, compassion gives people the chance to feel validated. Frame your sales solutions to demonstrate why you want to work with your client and how you have invested yourself in their individual needs and goals.
  6. Compassionate follow-through. With compassion and trust, you have won the client’s heart. Now, take them through production or service steps so they feel they won’t miss a beat. Knowing they can trust you and that you honor your promises keeps customers close.
  7. Compassionate follow-up. Check in with production or services to make sure things are going well. Then, follow up with the client to get their feedback, positive and negative. Let them know you’re dedicated to their needs long after the sale closes.


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