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Let’s face it; there are times when you need to create a quick sales turnaround. You may be nearing the end of a sales period and still need to meet your individual or even your team sales goals. What can you do other than picking up the phone and calling every contact you know?

  • Hold an event—Not a party, but a themed event that compliments your sales goals. You often see auto dealers holding these kinds of trigger events, like an ‘end of the month sell off,’ or ‘we need more trade-in vehicles.’ You can come up with something that fits your product or service. This creates a sense of urgency for your customer to buy now.
  • Referral call rewards—unlike calling your contacts to make direct sales, use your contact list to ask for referrals with incentives. Offer your contact some kind of reward for giving you a referral that you can call on. It is best to have a multi-level reward system that includes a small thank you for the names and a significant thank you for a sale.
  • Team up—Find a complimentary business to create a joint venture style sales event or team up with a local non-profit to whom you give a percentage of your sales. The two-heads-are-better-than-one approach can help build traffic and sales and create a win-win for the two businesses.
  • Run a contest—But make sure your contest has a quick deadline. You will create more urgency from your customers if they know that the payoff is close at hand. You are more likely to receive entries quickly—that you can turn into sales now—if you keep the deadline short.

Of course, this short-term boost in sales is meant for products or services that allow for a quick sale. For a product with a longer selling cycle, think about adding one of these types of sales generators to your main marketing plan and/or produce it on a large scale. There is room for enormous creativity within each idea.


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