Newsletters have become a great way for businesses to spread information, “tell their story,” solidify customer loyalty, and increase sales.Here are a few tips to keep in mind while designing your company newsletter:

  1. Content Is Important
    Successful newsletters provide interesting content for their readers, in addition to product information from the newsletter provider.
  2. Color Draws the Eye
    Use multiple colors of ink to draw attention to important articles and information. Two-color newsletters are very effective, and full-color newsletters are gaining popularity.
  3. Pull Quotes Create Interest
    Pull quotes create interest and increase the likelihood that an article will be read. These quotes are taken directly from the article and focus on interesting, key points.
  4. Good Design Provides More Room for Copy
    A well-planned and designed newsletter can contain 20% to 30% more content than a casually designed newsletter. Seeking advice from professional graphic artists is often profitable. They can help design an effective template for your future use.
  5. Good Back Page Design Is Important
    An estimated 15% of readers start reading at the back page of a newsletter and work their way to the front page.

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