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Direct mail service is not dead!

For years we heard that with the advancement of computers and technology there would be a demise of printing companies. Experts claimed that people would choose to use their smartphones so much that there wouldn’t be a need for the printed word. In some respect that is true. I pay my bills, order services, read the news and keep in touch with family and friends all through my smartphone.

However, what those experts failed to realize was that people would yearn for the feel of a printed piece in their hands. Even in a world that revolves around technology most would prefer to lay their handheld devices down long enough to leisurely sift through the mail and use that time as a way to disconnect.

Our customers are proving to us that print is not on the decline but the complete opposite. Many of our clients are coming to us to produce direct mail pieces that add a highly successful layer to their marketing campaigns.  You may have heard us talk about it before, but we firmly believe that a well-rounded marketing plan that repeats your message across all mediums is the most effective form of advertising. Through social media, websites, email, word-of-mouth, TV, radio and direct mail pieces its vital that you use every avenue to reach your customers.

Imagine scrolling through Facebook only to see an ad just like the one you received in the mail. By seeing your ads in multiple forms, your potential customer gets the impression that you are a reputable company and are serious about providing quality products and services.

We’ve seen it work!

When you reach out to your clients on multiple channels, they are 400% more likely to respond.

The response businesses are getting from their direct mail pieces continues to grow. The best mail marketing isn’t just about printing a postcard it’s about enticing your readers to take action.

  • Add a QR code, short links or scannable coupons to your piece.
  • Customers will respond to direct mail from companies they have previously purchased from.
  • Send old customers a special coupon or small gift in the mail and make it personal.
  • Drill down into your customer demographics and segment your list into different age/income/service or product groups. This way you can send specific offers geared to each sperate list.

With advanced technology and data collections points, direct mail is making a huge difference in marketing. Social media plays a significant role in capturing leads which makes it a lot easier for businesses today.

So how does direct mail work in today’s age? Here is a simple example:
  • A customer starts to follow you on social media.
  • They go and visit your website.
  • They fill out a form entering their name and email to receive your e-newsletter.
  • In the e-newsletter, you offer a coupon or discount for your service. The person only needs to fill out their mailing address to redeem.
  • With that mailing address, you then send a direct mail piece offering them a discount or coupon again.
  • From the direct mail piece, you can track that they responded to your mail pieces.

See how it works and how it is all connected. All of your marketing channels need to work together to capture leads and process sales conversions.

So what does the future of direct mail look like?

With technology still being developed, it’s only going to get better for businesses to integrate these channels into their marketing messages. The possibilities are endless, and we believe that direct mail will remain an effective form of marketing for years to come.

Let us help you create a direct mail piece that makes your customers take action and adds a new level to your marketing campaigns.


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