Too often, marketing tries to answer the impossible question: “What does everyone want?”  Instead, the question to ask before starting your marketing is, “What do MY customers want?”

When a business appeals directly to the people who care about something, the message isn’t an interruption. Instead, the message invites those people in. How does your business speak directly to what people care about, and how does your business invite them in?

  • Rack Cards. Instead of printing a list of the options, services, or products available on a rack card, explain how these things alleviate specific frustrations or solve problems for customers.
  • Direct Mail. People sort through their mail every day. Make sure the most prominent element of your direct mail features what your reader cares about or what they are looking for.
  • Table Tents. Restaurants often use table-tent cards for quick-reference drink and dessert menus or special offers. But these opportunities extend beyond restaurants. Use dynamic, full-color images to get people’s mouths watering with the chance to experience your products.
  • Presentation Folder Packages. Presentation folders offer businesses a big front cover that makes an immediate impression on people. Fill that front cover with a clear illustration of the problem you can solve.

What do your customers want? They want information that pertains to them presented in a meaningful way. Rack cards, direct mail, table tents, and presentation folders are only a few ways to invite people in without interrupting their daily flow.


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