pack of gum

In June of 1974, a store clerk scanned a bar code for the first time in history—on a pack of gum. Forty-one years later, bar codes rank as a necessity in business. How could big stores manage the thousands of unique products lining shelves today?

Bar codes gave big business a big advantage, but a new technology might change things again. Experts predict that as many as 30 billion devices will soon connect to the Internet. Think of refrigerators, cars, or alarm systems. In the not-too-distant future, even packs of gum could be printed with a simple chip instead of a bar code. Virtually every manufactured product could connect in some way to the “Internet of things,” dissolving the need for something like bar codes.

This transformative technology can be just as easily harnessed by small, one-person businesses and craft and tradespeople as by big businesses. The next time you buy a pack of gum, consider how technology has changed the wrapper, and how that wrapper will continue to transform how we do business in the future.


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