Most people buy smart phones for all the bells and whistles, such as email, calendar, reminders, GPS, internet browsing, music, camera, games, social media, etc. However, many of these convenient features are responsible for draining your battery quickly. Here are a few battery saving tips for your smartphone:

Talk rather than text or email. Data connections consume two to four times more power than voice connections.

Avoid using vibrate mode, since vibrating uses much more power than playing a ringtone.

Use your WiFi connection whenever feasible, such as home or work. Even when you’re not on your phone, it is constantly downloading data, so run off your WiFi connection whenever possible.

Turn off WiFi when traveling or away from a trusted source, since constant scanning for available WiFi connections can drain your battery.

If you are somewhere that you won’t get cell signal, use airplane mode rather than allowing your phone to search for a connection. Avoid frequently turning your phone on and off (unless it can stay off for a while), since turning it on requires extra power.

Download a battery-optimization app that can keep an eye on how your phone draws power, and can even automatically disable power drains and email updates when your battery starts to run low.

Turn off non-essential notifications to save battery life and eliminate pointless distractions throughout your day.

Avoid playing games, which quickly drain energy from your phone (and maybe from you, too!).

Dim the backlight or brightness of your screen.

Avoid using animated wallpapers or backgrounds.

Reduce the screen timeout to the shortest available time.

When possible, focus on running one program at a time on your phone, and turn off background syncing or apps you don’t use frequently.

Never leave your phone in a hot car – heat degrades battery life. Also remember that over-charging can overheat your phone.

Turn down the volume of headphones or use more efficient headphones.

If your battery continues to die quickly, consider investing in a spare or new battery. For phones that don’t allow you to remove/replace the battery, consider a battery booster (such as a Mophie Juice Pack), or a portable powerstick charger or battery pack.
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