Mobile Data

If you’re on a limited mobile data plan, it seems like overage charges creep up when you’re least expecting them. Here are a few tips how to easily reduce data usage and regulate your bill:

  • Use Wi-Fi wherever possible, whether you’re at home, the office, or a coffee shop.
  • Use an app to keep tabs on your data usage and create alerts, if you don’t have an app available thru your carrier, consider My Data Manager (Android, iOS).
  • Reduce the frequency of push notifications and set apps to update manually so they only grab new stuff when you have them open.
  • Set app updates to update only when connected to Wi-Fi, rather than automatically, which can use a surprising amount of data.
  • Avoid deleting your internet cache. By preserving your cache, your device won’t have to download images from frequently visited websites every time you visit them.
  • Use mobile versions of websites when possible. They are simpler and use less data.
  • Consider using a browser such as Opera Mini (Android, iOS) which is designed to compress data and reduce usage when browsing.
  • Try an app like Pocket (Android, iOS) to save interesting web pages and access them later, without needing an Internet connection.
  • Avoid data-eating ads by purchasing ad-free app versions or simply turning Airplane mode on or turning mobile data off before starting an app.

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