You are One of Many

In today’s business environment, you are just one of many competitors trying to capture the attention of your target audience. Unless you’ve invented the proverbial “better mouse trap,” your message sounds a lot like all the other messages that are being broadcast in today’s market. Consumer Reports calculates the average American is bombarded with 247 advertising messages each and every day. (, 2010) By the end of a single month, that equates to 7,410 marketing messages! How will your message break through the congested marketing highway?

Consider these challenges…

• Your call for a sales appointment is perhaps the tenth received today by your prospect.

• The email you just sent? It’s highly likely it’s one of 50 or 100 already in the prospect’s in-box.

• Your voice mail message? Forget it; they will just hit delete before your message gets 5 words out.

The Challenge

The challenge for each business professional is to identify ways for
your message to break through the crowded marketplace. But how
do you get out of the congestion? We need
to develop a way to rise above the
crowd and get our message directly to the source – our target
. More importantly, we must accomplish a more significant
task: Develop a brand that gets people talking about you.

The Solution

Allow the professional team at Pine Press Printing & Mailing to develop a winning marketing strategy for your business.

From start to finish, whether enhancing your current image or totally revamping your “brand”.  Combining: copywriting, design, full color printing, banners and signs, websites & mailing. Pine Press has the knowledge, experience and professional team to deliver your message to your target audience, your customers.