Many businesses create a Facebook “fan page”. While the potential for social media is great, it can’t work magic by itself. Here are a few tips on how to optimize your Facebook marketing:

* Give out coupons promoting an incentive for becoming a fan, such as an exclusive discount or free product. Continue to provide discounts and special offers available to fans only.
* Run a contest to create interest. For example, post an intriguing question relevant to your business, and the first 10 people to respond receive a free gift card or desirable product.
* Take photos during any live events you sponsor, load them to your Facebook page and encourage fans to tag themselves, which pushes out into their wall and friends’ news feeds.
* Offer a discussion-oriented approach where fans can ask questions and get answers from employees and other fans.
* Manage your online reputation by professionally acknowledging and answering all comment posts – good or bad.
* Secure a unique username (or vanity URL) that is short and memorable by using your brand name, company name, etc.
* Promote your Facebook presence on your e-mail signature, business cards, brochures, letterhead, newsletters, postcards, at the bottom of receipts, etc.
* Create Friend Lists to filter news feed stories and control who sees what information you publish. This may be useful to spread information to separate groups, including customers, prospects, colleagues, employees, competition, etc.
* Embed Facebook social plug-ins on your website and blog with a title encouraging visitors to click the “like” button and become a Facebook fan.
* Use Facebook Events to promote upcoming events and activities quickly without being intrusive.
* Keep your site up to date by posting interesting industry news and announcements, questions, surveys, relevant informational links, etc. Just be careful not to post too frequently.

If you’re looking for other ways to creatively promote your business, stop by anytime. Our creative experts are eager to help your business succeed!

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