The layout presentation of your marketing materials is just as important as your images, verbiage, and color scheme. A unique layout that incorporates folds demands attention and entices the reader to open and read your marketing piece.

Many folded layouts enable you to present your information as a story – the beginning grabs attention (such as a headline or teaser), the middle tells the story, and the ending asks for a call to action (such as visiting your web site). Here are a few ways to tell your story with creative folds:

  • Map your story by folding down a large sheet to a compact size. Every fold opens to reveal new information.
  • Roll fold your information to present your message in stages, a little at a time. As the reader unrolls the sheet, the next spread appears.
  • Open the gate. Create a two-page “gate” that opens to a four-page spread. Not only does this approach allow ample space for attention grabbing introductions on the gate as well as in-depth information inside, it is an organized way to divide multiple products or services onto different panels.
  • Offer a sneak peak of the contents inside by shortening the width of your cover on a bi-fold brochure. For example, use an image on the inside that also sets the tone for the outside.
  • Create an accordion folded brochure and make each section a different width, and consider using the extra width as “tabs” for product names or services.

If you’d like other creative marketing ideas, give us a call today. We’ll help you think outside the box and develop eye-catching marketing materials that get read.