Many businesses bombard their customers with marketing messages in fear of becoming “out of sight, out of mind.” However, there can be a point when too much can become overwhelming for recipients and detrimental to your marketing efforts. Here are a few tips to avoid marketing overkill:

Focus on quality over quantity. Keep your messaging relevant to your audience by segmenting your readers (direct mail is a great way to target specific audiences) and testing campaigns frequently.

Create a clear marketing goal. Rather than just throwing out a bunch of messages and hoping something will stick, define your audience and tailor your messaging to optimize return.

Coordinate and schedule your marketing efforts across multiple dimensions, such as using a blend of direct mail, email, Facebook posts, and industry magazine ads.

Ask your audience how they feel about the frequency of your promotions. For example, when people sign up for your newsletter, ask them “how often would you like to hear from us?”

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Subscribe to your own promotions, emails, mailings, etc. and think about the frequency from a customers’ perspective.

Allow customers to edit their subscriptions, such as the type and frequency of communication, as well as topics of interest.

Pay attention to opt-out numbers. A high number of email un-subscribers could mean your messaging is too frequent or irrelevant to the recipients.

Track your marketing efforts whenever possible. Use coupon codes, track campaign related web hits, view email results to see how many recipients opened your email, etc.

Increase the value of your communications. When promoting a new product, educate your audience about its new features. Offer elite coupons or promotions. Or provide an engaging newsletter or other types of resources with how-to tips and industry related news.

Take a break. If someone just purchased a new computer from you, they won’t be interested in another postcard about upcoming computer specials. Target future campaigns to focus on other products that can enhance their purchase, such as a wireless printer or digital camera.
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