Customers require great customer service when they are doing business with a company. Bad customer service can cost a company sales and repeat business. Just one customer treated badly can cause a company to loose several customers because that one customer will tell other people about their bad treatment.

What is great customer service?

The first step to delivering great customer service is understanding what great customer service is. Great customer service is being polite, understanding, kind, giving the customer full attention, and going above and beyond to help the customer while staying in the company’s rules. Customer Service is more than just doing the basic job functions.

Step 1

When giving great customer service it doesn’t matter if what mood the employee is in or what kind of day they are having. The employee has to put their moods and personal life to the side and be polite. There is no room for an attitude when providing great customer service.

Step 2

Take time and fully understand the customer’s problem or requests. When the customer feels that an employee is really doing their best to listen and understand they will feel more valuable then just another customer.

Step 3
Full attention

Customers want to have an employee full attention. If the employee is busy texting or chatting to someone else the customer will feel as though they are being a bother and not important. When a customer approaches the employee, the employee must give the customer their full attention and stop what they are doing.

Step 4
Above and beyond

Going above and beyond in customer service is easy when the employee really cares. The employee will go above and beyond just to ensure that the customer is happy. Taking extra time to listen, following up with a customer to ensure they are satisfied, and showing the customer they really matter are all parts of going above and beyond.

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