I'm just looking

We’ve all said it. That friendly salesperson appears and before we even think about it, those familiar words come out: “I’m just looking, thanks.”

We all tend to build up four big buying walls in our mind. A good salesperson can recognize that with every wall comes a potential door, and learning how to knock on those four different walls can open
those secret doors to a sale. First, though, salespeople have to uncover the answers to the real questions behind “I’m just looking.”

  • How can I trust you? Often for customers, a salesperson is a stranger with a motivation to persuade. To answer this question correctly, a salesperson must dispel the caution with some kind of gift. Some salespeople use candy, lighthearted humor, or contest giveaways. The point is to show customers, not tell them, that the salesperson is worthy of trust.
  • Why do I need your help? If people have to ask for help, they want it from a competent authority. Ultimately, a salesperson has to be an expert on the products and services. When a salesperson makes a display of expertise and enthusiasm, the customer can willingly accept the salesperson’s input.
  • What do I need this for? If a customer feels no need, then the salesperson won’t win a sale. A salesperson may get a sense of what the customer needs by asking open-ended questions. How would the purchase solve a problem? Fulfill a dream? Make a customer feel good?
  • When must I make a decision? A salesperson who inspires a sense of urgency in customers may give them the motivation needed to take action. Limited-time sales or other incentives give customers the chance to seize an opportunity and make a sale.

Salespeople feel the barriers come up when they approach new customers. However, if they can look past the words, they might see hidden keys to unlocking the doors of trust, help, need, and urgency. Opportunity always knocks, but what’s important is how you find, and then open, the door.


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