Keep Your Laptop Cool

Excess heat on a laptop can cause malfunctions and crashes, and permanently damage your hardware. Even though newer laptops typically create less heat than older models (since energy efficiency is a higher design priority), they also need adequate ventilation. Here are a few tips to keeping your laptop cool:

  • When turned on, ensure nothing blocks the vents, either on the sides or the bottom.
  • Never use a laptop resting on a pillow of soft mattress where the vents will be blocked.
  • Never put your laptop in a bag until it’s off, in sleep mode, or hibernated.
  • Work in a cool environment to ensure the system stays cool and prevent overheating.
  • Consider purchasing a cooling mat or pad for under the laptop to help alleviate the heat.
  • Download a fan diagnosing tool to check the functionality of your fans either from your laptop maker or another reliable source.
  • Clean dust from the vents often with a can of compressed air. Shut down the laptop, turn it over, and remove the vents panel with a small screwdriver. If you see dust, clean it away with compressed air.
  • Elevate the laptop. When working on a desktop, consider purchasing a laptop stand which puts some distance for the heat to dissipate between your laptop on the surface you’re using it on. A baking rack (that you cool cookies on) can also have the same effect.

While you may have your laptop temp under control now, keep in mind that the heat characteristics of your laptop will change throughout time, depending on its age, power usage, and environment. You may want to consider installing heat-monitoring software to stay on top of your laptop’s fluctuating temperatures.

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