It’s easy enough to print flyers and stuff mailboxes, but real opportunities for growth come in analyzing what worked and what didn’t. Consider these quick ideas and automate the measurement side of your print marketing.

Code. Every time you place a repeat order for brochures, rack cards, or mail inserts, include a tracking code. Make it a simple date or number or name. What matters is that when a new prospect comes calling, you can track what offer brought them in. Codes will easily fit into your regular order routines.

Scan. Franchise restaurants and stores print a bar code or some tracking technology on their coupons. Small businesses can do this too through tracking software applications or by simply adding a note to the order coupon. When reviewing orders, useful trends may appear where only guesses and lost opportunities were before.

Profile. Customer profiling takes all that data you have collected from invoices and quotes, and links it to real people. Restaurant waitstaff do something similar while talking with regulars every day, to learn what makes people come in again and again. Build a portfolio of work done or products ordered for each customer. Study it well for consistent and growing business.

Small, easily automated routines turn marketing analysis into marketing opportunities. If all you want is more customers, think about coding each print campaign, scan the assets that bring in prospects, and profile customers for better ways to serve them.


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