A typical driver travels over 14,000 miles a year. That’s over 38 miles a day, which means that a lot of potential customers see your brand! Vehicle advertising is the easiest, and often times, one of the most economical ways to advertise to a large number of people every day.

Marketing on Wheels

Think about the cars you see on the road. Driving can be a mundane chore, and we often find ourselves looking for entertainment by reading the car magnets and vinyl lettering of the cars we pass and those that we follow.

In the marketing world, there is no better way to build authority and trust with your customers than taking advantage of “Marketing on Wheels”.

Here are a few benefits of a well-branded vehicle.

  • Vehicle Magnets printed on the high-quality material are easily installed and can instantly turn your car or truck into a mobile marketing tool. Because a customer can easily put them on and off, they are popular for many small businesses.
  • If you are looking for an affordable outdoor marketing solution, vinyl lettering is an economical solution and is a great way to turn your vehicle into a mobile marketing billboard.
  • Bright, colorful decals are perfect for businesses that want to raise awareness about their brand while making deliveries around
  • Studies have shown vehicle advertising reaches more people than billboards, radio, direct mail, local group mailers and mass transit advertising.
  • Customers are more likely to hire you if they are familiar with your brand. Think of it this way …the lady sitting in the Volvo behind you at a stoplight may need her A/C fixed today, she may find you online and when she does she will recognize your name because she has just seen you at the stop light.

Marketing studies conclude that advertisement on vehicles are actually more noticeable, more memorable and caused more people to take action quicker than traditional forms of advertising.

Vehicle marketing has become one of the most important forms of advertising for local businesses who are looking to attract local customers.

Vehicle Branding Options at Pine Press Printing

  • Magnetic Car Signs – This is by far the easiest and most cost effective way to brand your work truck.
  • Vinyl Graphics – This is a semi-permanent solution that gives you the ability to look very professional and established.
  • Custom Decals – High quality, weather resistant and very affordable


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